Water Fun with a Marble Run

Using water as a learning tool in the summertime serves a dual purpose; kids learn and stay cool! Below is a list of three things that kids can learn about water through water fun with a marble run.

Water Fun with a Marble Run

1. Water drips in drops.

Due to surface tension, when water is slowly dripping off the marble run, it clings to the surface and forms a tear shape. When the drop exceeds a certain size, it falls.

Water Fun with a Marble Run

 2. Water flows down, not up.

Because of gravity, water flows from the highest point to the lowest point.

Water Fun with a Marble Run

 3. Marbles sink in water.

The boys noticed that grass floats and that marbles sink. Grass is less dense than water, therefore it floats. Marbles are more dense than water, therefore they sink.

Water Fun with a Marble Run

The boys thought it was a lot of fun to use the marble run in a different way, and I liked hearing them verbalize their observations! Have you ever had water fun with a marble fun?

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