Learning in an Instant- Colors of the Rainbow

Did you know that there are actually seven colors in a rainbow and they are always found in the same order? Learning the colors of the rainbow can be a great starting point to understanding the science behind rainbows. This free printable coloring activity is a great way to learn the seven colors of the rainbow and their order, but you can also use it to teach the individual colors for younger kids and the color words for beginning readers! 

Learning the Colors of the Rainbow (with free printable!)

The Seven Colors of the Rainbow

All you need for this activity is the Colors of the Rainbow Printable and a box of crayons! You can pull out the colors that are needed for younger kids, or let older children search through the box and find the matching crayon for each color word. Crayola makes this activity easy (and adds another element of learning!) by printing the color word on the side of each crayon. 

The colors needed are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. 

Learning in an Instant: Colors of the Rainbow

As he colored, we talked about how rainbows are formed and discussed briefly the various ways we could make our own rainbows instead of waiting for a rain shower on a sunny day. He also practiced reading the color words. Indigo wasn’t a color word that he was familiar with, but he was so proud of himself when he was able to sound it out successfully. 

Learning the colors of the rainbow and their order with a free printable!

More Ways to Play and Learn

  • Practice ordinal numbers by asking your child to find the first color of the rainbow, and so on. 
  • Promote scissor skills by letting your kids snip pieces of paper in each color. Glue on the pieces instead of coloring.
  • Laminate the printable and use with play dough!

Looking for more rainbow themed fun?

Check out the second experiment in this post, 5 Simple Experiments with Water. Also, young kids might like and benefit from this Rainbow Song. And be sure to check back later this week for more ways to play and learn with rainbows! 

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